Frequently Asked Questions

Can doorway traffic harm my website if it has a clean theme?
No! In fact, your counters will display the URL of our TDS rather than the doorway pages themselves, which does not contradict search engine regulations, since it is a normal source, such as MySpace, Facebook or Yahoo.
How long have you been working with doorway pages? How much experience do you have?
We have been continuously working in the doorway business since February 2013.
Are there any complex topics for traffic mining?
Yes, such topics do exist, and their complexity lies in the fact that these are often popular niches with a higher number of people working within them. Despite the large competition, it is still possible to obtain enough traffic within these niches thanks to the high number of doorways (50-70 units). Complex topics for traffic mining: - Forex. - Weight loss. - Binary Options. - Credit. - Jobs. - Slot machines.
When does your service render begin?
We work upon 100% pre-payment. We will start working on your project as soon as we receive your payment.
After I pay, how long will it take for me to see my doorways and the ordered traffic?
From the moment you select the keyword database and choose your tariff. It can take anywhere between 1 and 20 days, but it is important to consider force-majeure cases.
How long will it take for the keyword database to compile?
You will receive your ordered database within 4-36 hours for further filtration and approval.
How long will it take for the first wave of traffic to come in after the doorway creation?
This really depends on search engines and the complexity of your niche. Statistics show that the first wave of traffic comes 3-5 days after the launch, but there are rare instances with longer waiting times: Google: 1-14 days. Yandex: 3-30 days. Mail: 7-60 days.
Where are my ordered doorways located?
All doorways are located on our dedicated servers, so you don’t have to worry about that.
Do you offer TDS for traffic distribution, segmentation and control?
The service is provided free of charge over the period of doorway distribution. TDS is located on our server, granting you full access for editing, setup, distribution of the incoming traffic and view of the complete statistics. We offer you 100% 24/7 access to viewing your incoming traffic, altering it, or setting it up. We work with the KeitaroTDS system.
Do you charge extra for additional services, such as rent?
Yes. From the day your first search query gives results, your doorways will have allocated space on our servers free of charge. Starting from the second month onwards, the rates rise to $4 per working doorway in the Russian web-community, and $8 per working doorway in the English web-community, which you will approve for further storage on our server.
What happens if I fail to pay for the extension of my doorways on time?
To avoid misunderstandings and problems in the future, please remember the following: 1. You will be notified 7 days and 3 days prior to the payment day, as well as on the payment day itself. It’s impossible to forget. 2. You failed to inform us in advance about the potential delay in payment for whatever reason. 3. The next payment day for each individual package will be displayed beside it on your account for as long as the current order is active.
What will happen to the package if I fail to pay for it?
We will block all access that was previously granted to you. We deal with doorways at our discretion: we can either delete them on the same day, preventing their future restoration at the extension price, or use them for our own purposes. You may say that this an unfair policy, and we agree. However, please, bear in mind that we provide our services to you in full capacity - from the production to the support of a fully-functioning doorway - from the instant we receive your payment initial payment. It is unfair for us to understand you and make concessions when you have problems if you do not do the same for us. We put in our best efforts with maximum delivery and results.
What can I do with my incoming traffic?
Whatever your heart desires: convert it, sell it, or distribute it across dozens of websites.
How much traffic can I get by purchasing your doorways?
It all depends on your niche and the amount of traffic it brings it. Another important factor is a good keyword database that you will approve for the doorways.
What methods do you use to bring traffic to my website?
In the majority of cases we use an ‘iframe’, where we display your website. Other people will never see the doorways.
Can I track the traffic brought in through your services using the counters on my website?
Yes, and it is preferable for you to have Yandex Metrics for this function. It will calculate conversions more accurately. The difference between TDS and YM statistics is only 10-15%.
Can I place a landind page on your servers and have full FTP access to it?
Yes. This service is provided throughout the entire period your ordered doorways are on our servers.
For how long will my doorways be active?
It is important to remember that: 1. We do not work in any of the aforementioned search engines, so it all depends on their algorithms. 2. Doorways may be banned on one search engine from day 1 but function for months on another. We will do everything we can to ensure they will be active for as long as possible in as many search engines as possible. In our experience: Google - 3-20 months, Yandex - 7 days to 40 months. The most complicated factor is complaints from your competitors in search queries.
What can I do if my doorways were banned?
If you purchased the service with us and your doorways were banned, we will regenerate the same number of doorways as indicated in the first order. Price = cost of new domain name, which is usually 100 rubles per domain.
Will I profit by using your services?
This depends on you, your website, and your marketing specialists. All we can do is attract more traffic to your website on your desires topic.
Is there a topic/thread about your services on popular forums?
Of course! There you go, (copy&paste it into your browser).
Can I change the niche on my existing doorways?
No. If you wish to change your niche, you will have to place a new order for a new niche at full price.
I couldn’t find the answer to my question. What shall I do?
Please, use the contact form on our ‘Contact’ page and we will get back to you. Your question may be placed on this page in the future.