Payment information

Payment Information
All services provided by Doorway.One can be paid for via WebMoney Transfer.
To do so, you will need to:

Register on Doorway.One and enter your account.
Ensure that you have WebMoney Keeper running during the payment session.
In the ‘Finances’ section, input the necessary amount and choose the wallet type: WMR or WMZ top-up amount

Minimum top-up amount: 1 cent. Press ‘Pay’.
When the Merchant WebMoney Transder page opens, press ‘Pay’ and follow the instructions.
Following successful payment the sum will be added to your account.

If, for some reason, you were unable to make the payment, please refer to our support team via tickets or contact details listed on the ‘Contacts’ page. We will be happy to help!
You can also top up your account via Yandex.Money.

None of the products and services offered are provided by a party or enterprise operating the WebMoney Transfer system. We are an independent enterprise that provides services and makes individual, independent decisions on prices and offers. Parties operating WebMoney Transfer do not receive commission or other rewards for participation in our provided service and are not held liable for our activity.

Certification provided by WebMoney Transfer only confirms our contact details and proves our identity. This is done strictly voluntarily and does not mean that are in any way related to sales made by WebMoney operators.