Order for Unique Conversions

Who is this service for?

The service involves payment only for the unique visitors to your website or business per day. You will receive the paid-for traffic regardless of any bans or other factors.

All traffic is provided for by the doorways.  You can order traffic for any theme that does not violate the laws of CIS countries.

Traffic can come from the country you need or from a specific city in your desired country, WEB or WAP.

Cost of service of a unique conversion:
Minimum order amount:

$700 for the western segment.
$300 for the Russian-speaking segment.

What we will need from you:

First Option:

1 Get in touch with the contacts listed below to provide us with the following information:

- List of up to 50 key words and phrases.

- Specified geo-targeting from any country or city you desire.

2. Following a thorough analysis, we will contact you with the cost of our service within your niche.

Second Option:

1. Sign up for an account on our website and visit the ‘Traffic’ section to order our service.

2 Place an order, providing the following information:

- Your niche

- Type of traffic (Western or Russian)

- Price for 1,000 unique transitions you are willing to pay for (choose the 1st option if you are unsure what to expect)

- Geo-targeting

- List of key words and phrases needed for your traffic.

3. After completing the form, send it to us for review, and you will receive either and approval or refusal, stating the reason.

How are our prices formed and how do you benefit from working with us?

- We estimate the amount of traffic in the niche using the keywords you provided if the total amount of traffic is on ALL phrases.

- We estimate the conversion cost in the contextual network within your niche (we usually use the Google Adwords display guarantee).

- Then we multiply the traffic amount with the price and announce the conversion cost, which we are prepared to work with, and the minimum deposit required by your niche. So the price may exceed the indicated minimum of 700 dollars.

- The price is often 5-30 times lower than the context networks.

Answers to other questions can be found in our FAQ’s section.